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Wordle is a five letter word guessing game based on the classic code breaking game Mastermind, where the user is trying to guess a randomly chosen five letter word. With each guess the user is given whether each letter is not in the word, in the word but not in the right spot, or in the word and in the right spot. With only 6 guesses, the player has to guess the word before they run out of attempts in order to keep their Wordle streak alive.

Here at Wordle Helpers...

We have created two main functionalities that can help you master each daily wordle. Our first helper is the "Test Your Best Starter Word". We have used multiple types of algorithms to analyze all the possible words in the Wordle word bank. You can test you own starter words in our program to see how it ranks based on its calculated score. Our second functionality is our main helper, and is meant to be used as a side by side assistant while solving your daily wordle. This UI will use the player selected algorithm to suggest the next word you should guess based on your previous entry. With these helpers combined, you should have the Wordle solved in no time!

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Navigating Our website

All the main pages on our site can be accessed from the menu bar at the top of each page. These pages cover everything about Wordle Helpers!


This is the page you are on now! Covers an overview of Wordle Helpers.

Meet The Team

Quick bios and pictures of the people who created all aspects of Wordle Helpers.


Covers the background of our selected word bank and the processing methodologies we used to analyze these words to provide your best first/next guess. 


This page provides the assignments and feedback submitted as a part of EECS 351 at The University of Michigan. It also contains a page recording our chronological progress.


This page contains visuals and descriptions of the results of our various processing methodologies. 

Test Your Starter Word

See the rank of your own starter word compared to all starter words scored using our various comparison methods.

Wordle Helper

Play Wordle with our side by side helper. Our helper UI provides a suggestion for a best, next guess based on one of four different word analysis methods.